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Erin Hamilton
Loan Originator
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Financial News

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Can I start investing with $500?
There are plenty of options for people who want to start investing with a small amount of money.

The Royal Wedding: Who's picking up the tab?
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The government created a fake cryptocurrency to help you avoid scams
HueyCoins is an ICO that earns you the opportunity to find out more about crypto fraud.

How 'no-fault' attendance policies can put companies and workers at risk
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It's tough to be a homebuyer in Seattle
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4 steps you should take when buying an annuity
If you want to ensure that your savings will generate income you can count on no matter how long you live or how the financial markets perform, consider taking these four steps.

Ikea launches a new credit card
Ikea's new store-branded credit card offers in-store perks and a percentage back on every purchase toward Ikea rewards.

What are the best annuities for you?
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Royal wedding: How much will it cost?
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Starting salary for the class of 2018: $50,390
The average starting salary for a new college grad will be about the same as last year.

How to replace income with a bond ladder
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Young people are drawn to cryptocurrency. But what about the risks?
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How motherhood made them better CEOs
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Before choosing an annuity, know the tax implications
Annuities are expensive to buy and confusing to figure out. But if you're weighing whether one is right for you, factor in the taxes you'll owe when you start taking payments.

Why you might want both a traditional 401(k) and a Roth
Splitting your retirement contributions between a traditional 401(k) and a Roth can help maximize your tax diversification strategy.

You're a saver, but you married a spender
Money conversations are hard. But they're important. Especially when your partner has a different approach to managing money.

When is an annuity a good choice?
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Should I move half of my savings into an annuity?
When an adviser suggests moving money into an annuity, think hard about whether it's a smart move.

How does the royal family make its money?
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Office:  (505) 407-4334
Fax:  (505) 407-8002
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